We're the Petersons - Bryan, Veronica, and Judge!


Judge is our three-year-old very remarkable golden retriever. He's had his unique birthmark since he was just a little pup. But that's not all that makes him remarkable! He's as sweet as can be, wants to be friends with everyone, and is happy ALL THE TIME. We love him more than words can express! 



Inspired by Judge's birthmark, we set out on a mission to inspire and empower people we meet to think positively about themselves by asking them what makes them REMARKABLE. We started our Be Remarkable campaign in our hometown of Reno, Nevada, and after growing the project locally, decided to take our message across the country! We are currently traveling across the United States in a renovated RV to tell the stories of the remarkable people of the US. 

Veronica is the driving force behind the Remarkable Golden. She thought of the idea to start the Instagram while brainstorming ways to retire from the law. She quickly realized the project gave her more joy, purpose, and fulfillment than she ever had in her legal career. She stepped away from the law after practicing for three years in Reno, Nevada. She has poured her heart and soul into this project and is constantly looking on ways to grow our reach and bring our message to as many people as possible. 

Bryan is our rock. Where Veronica is the driving force, Bryan our the ACTUAL driver!  He has kept us safe and steady in our cross country journey in our giant 32' RV. He is a carpenter extraordinaire and completely renovated Merida (our 1998 Winnebago Brave).  You can read more about our story here.