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Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Hey! We’re the Petersons - Veronica, Bryan, and Judge.

Bryan and I met in 2006 as high schoolers when we both worked at Old Navy in Reno, Nevada. I was crushing hard since day one, but it took us a little while to figure out that we were meant for each other. We had great timing and became official just about a month before I went off to study abroad. After months of long distance while I was in Florence, Italy, and after as I finished my last year at Gonzaga University, I came home to Reno for just enough time for us to research law schools and decide to move to our dream city - Pittsburgh. Yes, Pittsburgh was both of our dream city! We bonded since we met over our love for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and knew when I was applying to law school that moving to Pittsburgh would be such a great adventure. We also thought we would be going to Steelers games on the regular, not realizing that we would be broke students! We moved across the country to a city that neither of us had ever been to - scared as all heck but so excited to be doing it together.

We spent three great years there. We lived in a tiny apartment in a converted Victorian house.

Managed to make some pretty great meals in our even tinier kitchen (hoping this prepares us for cooking on the road!)

Made it to three Steelers games!

Got engaged at the finish line of the Pittsburgh Half Marathon!

Bryan found his passion for carpentry.

And we made lifelong friends!

Since both of our families were in Reno, we knew we wanted to come back home to buy a house and raise a family. I took the Nevada bar and took a job at a firm I had worked for during law school doing HOA law. Bryan started working for a company building custom homes, and we bought our first home.

We got married in September 2016 and had the most magical wedding in Lake Almanor, California.

Then we brought our sweet boy Judge home that December!

Learned he was a licker real fast.

We knew right away that we had to have him because of his mark. I mean, how could anyone resist this little guy!

We fell in love instantly and Judge was such a great puppy. Because I couldn’t handle his cuteness, I knew I had to start him a social media account and show him off to the world (despite the pleading of friends to not be one of those dog moms who starts their dog an Instagram!) I decided that I wanted to do something creative with his birthmark and try to tell stories of the remarkable people in our community. I wanted to challenge people to share what they believe makes them remarkable. Bryan and I both still remember the first time we set out with Judge to find people to participate in the project - I was so nervous that people were going to think I was some crazy stranger asking way too personal of a question. But we had such a positive response and met some wonderful people that first day. And it has grown from there.

Fast forward a year, I had moved to a larger firm practicing general business litigation and was really unhappy. I was slowly realizing that practicing law was not for me. That being a lawyer did not align with my unique skills and passions. That law firm life was not something I could tolerate for my entire career. I saw what my life would look like if I continued on the path to becoming a partner and knew it wasn't what I wanted. I had this nagging feeling that I was put on this earth to do something greater (not that being a lawyer is not important or great for those who love practicing law, but I felt that where I could truly make a difference was outside the law). We had been slowly building The Remarkable Golden and the project gave me more joy, purpose and fulfillment than a single day practicing law. So I resolved to leave the law to build this project.

Bryan and I knew that to really grow the project and feature as many remarkable people as possible, we wanted to travel. After A LOT of deliberation, we decided to sell our house, buy an RV and travel the country for about 8 months to tell the stories of the remarkable people of the US and spread positivity and empowerment. We plan to blog, podcast, and share on social media throughout the trip. We hope that by challenging those we meet to answer the question, “What makes you remarkable?” we can build a movement of thinking positively about ourselves and others, in a time when this world so desperately needs it.

So here we are, about to embark on this epic journey. Scared, but so excited. Confident that this is going to be, well, a remarkable journey. We can’t wait to meet you on the road!

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