Meet Some of the Remarkable People of Reno

Since we started the Be Remarkable campaign back in October of 2017, we have met some truly remarkable people. We have featured over 250 people on the page and have been so inspired by their stories! We’ve challenged complete strangers, friends and family members to share what makes them remarkable, and their responses have been nothing short of amazing.

The project has already evolved so much from where we started. Judge has learned how to pose like a true Instagram model. I learned about a wonderful little program called Lightroom. I went from frantically jotting down notes as people explained to me on the spot what makes them remarkable to now challenging people to take the time to really think about their response and send me what they come up with.

Since we like to keep the social media posts simple and stick to people's response to the question, “What makes you remarkable?”, we wanted to use the blog to share some of the back stories. We’ve been able to feature so many people up to this point that this blog post would be more like a book if we were to tell all the stories of those we have met thus far. But we wanted to share just a couple that stand out.

The first is Shelly. She is the first person we ever featured on the page. Bry and I knew that we wanted to take Judge out and about and start asking people to share what makes them remarkable, but at that point the project was just a concept in our head. So we set out to a local outdoor bar, ordered some drinks, and just like that Shelly came up to us to comment on Judge’s birthmark. Nervously I explained that we had started a social media project inspired by Judge’s birthmark and were encouraging people we meet to share what makes them remarkable. She was excited to participate and told us about her work at a local Army base where she felt like she was able to honor and give back to those who serve our country. She was truly remarkable and the perfect person to kick off our empowerment campaign!

This project has also introduced us to some of our closest friends. We met Ashley and Keenan Polan out at a bar in Reno one night (yes, we frequent a lot of bars with Judge since there aren’t too many dog friendly options, especially when it's cold out) and they have become lifelong friends! As is often the case with Judge, they came up to comment about his birthmark and how cute he is (of course). We told them about the project, snapped some pictures and talked about what makes them remarkable. Since then, we have bonded over our joint love of the Pittsburgh Steelers (and mourned their losses together), and they have been instrumental in helping the project grow. In addition to being one of the kindest and most beautiful humans in the world, Ashley is an expert at all things I am not - website design, branding, social media strategy, and photoshop. She has been an invaluable resource and has been so generous with helping us at every step of the way. Seriously, if you are in need of any digital marketing, web design, or social media strategy services, you can find her here.

I also met the truly remarkable Kassidy Hardgrove through this project (well I slid into her Instagram DMs and practically forced her to be friends with me). She was working on her own passion project and I decided to reach out and see if she was interested in the Remarkable Golden. And holy heck am I glad I did! Kass has been a constant source of inspiration and support, is always challenging me to be better and to push myself harder, to get outside my comfort zone and fight for this project because it is something I believe in. Kass is an empowerment coach and during our sessions together, I was able to work through my struggles with working in a career that was misaligned with my true talents and passions, and push towards something bigger. Seeing her live her life so authentically has inspired me since our first meeting. In my world of attorneys and type A personalities, it was so refreshing to become close with someone who doesn’t let the concept of perfection and other people's’ perceptions drive how she lives her life. Her passion for living a life true to herself was exactly what I needed to push myself to continue to grow this project and ultimately leave the law for something bigger and greater. Kass also happens to be a phenomenal photographer and recently followed her own dream to move to Maui. If you are planning a trip to Maui, do yourself a favor and reach out to Kassidy for photography, videography, or just a damn good time!

We have also had the pleasure of meeting some local Reno celebs through the project. We were honored to meet and feature Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve. Not only is she doing incredible things for the city of Reno, but she is also an inspiring entrepreneur who does so much to support local businesses and fellow female entrepreneurs.

We also met Garrett Yrigoyen, who most people know as the last man standing and now engaged to Becca Kufrin from ABC’s Season 14 of the Bachelorette. Garrett went to college in Reno and was living there before taking his journey to find love on the Bachelorette. We were so excited when he wanted to participate in our project and meet Judge! I have watched the Bachelorette/Bachelor since the beginning (no shame - I love the drama, love the love, love it all!), so I was fangirling pretty hard when we went to meet Garrett. He was so down to earth and one of the kindest and most genuine people we have had the opportunity to meet through this project. In his post, he talks about how he was born with a hole in his heart, but never let that slow him down, and instead filled it with love from his family, friends, fiance Becca, determination to succeed, and passion to live life to the fullest. It was such a powerful post, and then I almost died when Becca reposted it on her Instagram stories! :)

I truly cannot put into words what it has meant to meet and get to know so many remarkable people in our hometown. I have been humbled to share their stories, and encourage all of you to go read each of them if you haven’t already done so! We are so looking forward to continuing to share the stories of the remarkable people we meet across the country.

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